Staff Code of Conduct

Attendance and Punctuality

  • All staff members must exercise punctuality and reach the workplace on time with a leeway of 15 minutes.
  • Three late attendances count as one leave.
  • Employees are provided with an annual paid leave of 24 days.

Dress Code

  • Industrial Equipments expects employees to dress appropriately in business casual attire, which includes suits, pants, jackets, shirts and dresses.

Use of Office Equipment

  • Company-owned equipmentare provided for the purpose of conducting Company-related activities and should be used as such.
  • Unauthorized downloading of non-work-related material including movies, video games, software, and music, is not permitted.
  • Willfully exceeding the limits of authorization, damaging, modifying, altering, destroying, copying, disclosing, or taking possession of any Company computing facility is prohibited.

Use of Personal Devices

  • Cell phones and personal devices should be used for company affairs in the workplace. Exceptions include emergencies and critical/important personal matters.

Reporting Suspected Violations

  • An allegation of violation of the Company’s Conflict of Interest Policy and the basis for the allegation shall be communicated, to a Manager.
  • No adverse action shall be taken against a complainant who makes allegations in good faith.


No -child labor

  • Company does not employ any person below the age of 18 years at Company controlled sites, warehouse, office etc.

Education of applicants

  • The company only accepts applicants who are at least graduated from matriculation system or equivalent.

Health, Safety & Environment

Drug Free Workplace

  • Distribution, possession, or use of a controlled substance on Company property or as part of any Company activity is prohibited.
  • Staff must actively notify to the concerned supervisor, in case of violation of this policy.
  • Smoking of cigarettes is permitted in designated areas labeled across every company premises.
  • Pan Masala and/or “Gutka” is strictly prohibited on Company premises.

Violent, Threatening and/or Intimidating Behavior

  • Industrial Equipments is committed to maintaining a safe workplace for all employees/staff and customer/visitor.
  • Physical violence and/or threatening behavior will not be tolerated.
  • joking or comedic intent will not excuse behaviors that could reasonably be perceived as prohibited.

Weapons and Dangerous Substances

  • The use and possession, on any Company property, of firearms, explosives, weapons, or other dangerous articles or substances that may be injurious to persons or property is strictly prohibited.

Workers’ Medical Coverage

  • All employee work injuries/illnesses should be reported within 24 hours from the time a claim/incident occurs.
  • Company covers medical expenses and wage loss for employees who have been injured in the course and scope of their employment.

Safety Equipment

  • All workers performing loading and unloading tasks in any work environment (office or warehouse)should wear safety equipment.
  • Safety equipment include safety Helmet, safety shoes, safety gloves.



  • Returns are accepted only if the product is not damaged and the original packing, if any, is intact.
  • The company reserves the right to not accept returns for products it deems unfit for return


  • The quoted prices of any items are only valid for 15 days from the day of the quotation.
  • The company clearly notifies, in the Quotation, of any deviation from specification of the products in the inquiries.
  • Delivery and payment terms are mentioned in the Quotations.
  • Ex-stock material is subjected to prior sale.


  • Client inspection and third-party inspections are more than welcome
  • Clients should inform2-3days prior to the inspectiontaking place.


  • Company will replace all leaked items given the clients used the product under specified pressure and temperature conditions.
  • The company will not accept replacement if clients used the product for the wrong purpose and/or installed the product incorrectly.


  • Inquiries with insufficient description about the product will not be entertained, however, an exception can be made when full description is communicated over emails or telephone.

Quality Control

Hydro testing

  • Products are hydro tested both at the manufacturer’s site and at Company’s warehouse.
  • Only hydro tested products are delivered to Clients to make sure that the product is leak proof.

Material Test Certificate(MTC)

  • Material test certificate is provided on client’s request to ensure the authenticity of products’ material.


  • All the products should be delivered to clients under original packing where applicable.
  • Items without packaging should be wrapped in plastic sheets as to avoid any damages and dust accumulation during transportation.