About us

Founded in 1976, Industrial Equipments (IE) has earned the reputation of being one of the largest, technically oriented, engineering organization in Pakistan.  Since establishment, the firm has grown into a leading importer, stockiest and supplier of valves, pipes & pipe fittings, measuring instruments and pneumatic products from the world’s best manufacturers.

Industrial Equipments (IE) is an expert in project supply and materials management. The organization possesses the ability, experience and dedication required in this industry and takes pride in having the best staff in the business. The quality of the staff coupled with the strengths of the organization translates into premium service for customers. The employees of IE have decades of experience in projects for energy, mining and process sectors. This, combined with the firm’s long relationships with major manufacturers of valves and piping products, gives assurance that the organization will always supply quality products on time

Support & Services

Industrial Equipments maintains sufficient stock to cater to each and every requirement of the customers. Along with products, IE also provides free technical advice, prompt services and always cooperates to have good relationship with the customers which ultimately saves money and time. The management of the company understands precisely the significance of customer satisfaction.

A large percentage of the firm’s ex-stock sales are to merchants and resellers, who are the recipient of wholesale prices. IE commands strong buying power, giving it preferential access to numerous brands. The organization has a proven track record in major projects, supplying end users throughout Pakistan.

Experience: Industrial Equipments has gained over 40 years’ experience by providing quality components to major industrial plants.

Warehouse: half acre under cover, at SITE area Karachi is filled will thousands of products for ready stock.

What's New

After decades of being embedded into mechanical and pneumatic products, IE is now branching out and have a new division which is specifically designed to cater customers with demands for “instrumentation” products. Specialized engineer in this division, will make sure that the customers are provided with the technical support that no other can provide. IE firmly believes that by categorizing products into separate divisions, precise technical support, related to each product category, can be provided to customers.A quick and accurate response to every inquiry is the need of our fast growing customers.

IE’s new “Smart Quotation System” will make sure that each inquiry is entertained much faster than ever before and feedback is also prompt and thorough. IE’s customers are ever growing and IE grows with them.

IE is expanding its warehouse, recently bought 0.75 acres of land is under construction and will soon be ready to serve IE’s customers. The new warehouse, following international standards, will be equipped with a hydrotesting machine to strengthen the organization’s quality control.

Our Markets

Oil and Gas
Power Generation
Chemical and Petrochemical
Food and Beverage
Cement Industries
Fertilizers industries
Pulp & Paper production
Iron & Steel production
Textile Industries
Automobile Industries
Sugar and Allied industries
Engineering Contractors